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Our Process

Infomill data experts set the industry standard for converting disparate technical data into a valuable knowledgebase.

People, Process & Technology

Our process involves a combination of professional services, unique software and a highly-skilled team of experienced data experts. We recognise that every client’s situation is different. This is why we always work closely with the customer to clearly define their desired solution before the project is underway.

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1. Discovery - Understanding the client

Infomill confers with the client to understand the organization and key performance indicators. Raw information sources and supporting documents are examined and the initial contents of the desired solution are defined.

2. Convert - Transforming the data

Raw information is converted to XML or other industry standard formats:

  • Hard copy manuals, books
  • PDFs, Word Docs, Excel Sheets
  • Rich media, CDs, External storage
  • Database outputs

Infomill software is specifically created to process complex technical content including installation manuals, safety bulletins, service manuals, parts catalogues, fault-finding charts and in-house procedures. High level analysis, zoning and templating is undertaken to determine the meta data for each document.

Intelligence is added to the content to create an interactive knowledgebase with hyperlinks to relevant objects, formatted text and added hotspot links.

3. Review and Measure - Expert quality assurance measures

Converted knowledge is uploaded to multilingual Infomill CMS. Infomill CMS allows organisations to securely store their technical content in a cloud-based system to ensure it can be deployed in a scalable, secure and fit-for-purpose format. Unique identifier codes assigned to every data set allows users to locate, edit and update information easily and efficiently, no matter how complex or comprehensive.

Quality audit check processes are then carried out by Knowledge Engineers to ensure consistency and accuracy, manually verifying each piece of content and cleansing the knowledgebase of disparate data.

4. Integrate - Connect with the best

Interactive Knowledgebases can be integrated with existing field service management software for maximum operational efficiency.

Infomill solutions have been successfully integrated with many service management platforms worldwide. Integration Partners

5. Deliver - The latest data when you need it

The interactive knowledgebase is now ready to be delivered to the field service team. Our IT specialists construct a distribution system that maintains and distributes your solution via the cloud or directly on the device being used by the service technician. Technical content is available online or offline, 24/7.

Available formats include apps for iOS, Android, Windows and Windows Mobile, plus web UI via a browser.

6. Continuous Optimization - Automatic updates at your fingertips

Information is at its most useful when it's updated regularly. Our knowledge engineers maintain the Active Knowledgebase for you, and will update your content as frequently as you require. As soon as data updates are received from the customer, the content is examined to determine if it is an update to existing documents or the addition of new data. Updates to existing data are processed in real-time via Infomill CMS. With new data, we start the whole process all over again, ensuring there are no discrepancies with existing information.