field service integration


Our customers have found that integrating Infomill solutions with their existing field service platforms increases operational efficiency, accelerates fault diagnosis and reduces service costs.

The Ground-Breaking Benefits of Integrating an Interactive Knowledge Base

Here at Infomill, we are passionate about streamlining the flow of technical information. This is why all of our solutions are designed with integration in mind.

What is the "Knowledge Gap"?

Field Service Management platforms automate the business processes surrounding the installation, maintenance or repair of equipment during the service call. But few, if any, assist the service technician in performing the actual service itself, creating a knowledge “gap”. 

Infomill solutions are uniquely designed to fill this gap by assisting in the provision of technical and parts information. By integrating with your existing system, our solutions provide seamless automation of the field service process. Technicians can quickly locate parts information and add it to the work order with a tap of the finger, saving critical time previously spent navigating away from job orders to search through large amounts of information or copy down long part numbers. 

Our solutions are designed for easy integration to a wide range of systems. We have successfully integrated with many field management platforms.

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