PartsArena users, upgrade for free now!


Thank you for your continued feedback. It helps us to give you even more with your PartsArena Pro subscription.

November 21st sees the launch of the very latest version of PartsArena Pro on Android (an iOS upgrade will be coming very soon). If you want offline access to the biggest library of UK heating industry models and parts, there is no other app.

Here’s what’s new

* Faster loading time
* Browser history navigation added
* Battery optimisation
* Model recognition graphics on Android
* Many bug fixes

To help Android users, we’ve also introduced a warning message when downloading data, requesting that the battery optimisation is disabled for PartsArena in the settings. This will stop the time-out issue that some users are experiencing.

How to upgrade

You can quickly access the very latest version of PartsArena Pro in the Google Play store (just click ‘update’). If you’re already a subscriber, the upgrade is free.

If you’re a larger organisation with multiple licenses, your IT department will be managing the upgrade. Please speak to them directly for more information.

Your upgrade will not affect any third-party integrations and you’ll enjoy the best possible experience from PartsArena Pro – saving time and money every day as you fix the fault faster.

Need some help?

If you have any questions about the latest upgrade, please do get in touch with us. You can call on 01332 253 177, or email

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