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Enhancing the value of the ServiceMax platform by placing a world of technical solutions in the hands of service engineers.

Empowering Field Service Technicians with the Knowledge Base Management System They Need

ServiceMax is a comprehensive, cloud-based, and mobile field service solution that manages the service delivery end-to-end process. By integrating AnswersAnywhere, service technicians will be provided with online and offline access to the decision-making information they need without navigating away from ServiceMax or researching solutions through hundreds or thousands of pages of documents and databases.  

AnswersAnywhere is a valuable tool that empowers field service technicians with the critical knowledge they've so far been lacking when onsite with a customer. By combining a number of disparate data sources into a single, interactive, mobile knowledge base, AnswersAnywhere adds important value to the ServiceMax platform.

Dara Sherafat, Senior Director of  Global ISV, Ecosystem and Channels, ServiceMax

Setting New Standards for Field Service Efficiency

ServiceMax understands the field service industry. Their knowledge, passion and dedication to field service are the reason their platform is a perfect fit for the AnswersAnywhere integration. By providing a truly end-to-end solution for their customers, ServiceMax continues to set themselves apart from the competition while answering their customers' demand for mobile knowledge management.

ServiceMax from GE

Visit the AnswersAnywhere store on the ServiceMax Marketplace

The ServiceMax Marketplace is your one stop shop for all things AnswersAnywhere & ServiceMax. Here you can watch a demo of how the integration works, download more information, get in touch with a ServiceMax representative, and more!

From within the ServiceMax application, engineers can access relevant parts and technical knowledge on their mobile device. When a part is selected in AnswersAnywhere, it can be automatically added to a ServiceMax work order.

Get in touch to learn more about integrating AnswersAnywhere with your existing field service management platform.